Revolution Call Accounting from RSI

This versatile Call Accounting application is the most affordable available today. It’s never been easier to get the statistical information you need to make decisions quickly & easily – right from your desk. Whether you want detail, summary, graphs or a combination, we’ll provide it without any special training or dedicated hardware and best of all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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Some of the highlights of this package are…

Easy to install, use & administer

Comprehensive Summary, Detail & Drill-Down Reporting Integrated QuickView & Site Management Doesn’t require dedicated hardware Networkable with no client licensing fees Posts priced call records to Property Management

Unbelievable price

Latest enhancements

Enhanced reporting including Drill-Down reports

Integrated QuickView

Unlimited supported database size

Extension level exclusion from reporting

Enhanced/greatly simplified Nortel M1 setup/configuration City/State

tagging of Outgoing & Incoming (Caller ID) calls

State filtering on reports Per Line pricing (In and Out) Speed,

purge and user interface enhancements

DNIS support on Norstar

Average Ring time on line reports

Dynamic text searching within reports

Ask yourself these few questions…

How many calls come into your company or department per day? Do you know where your calls originate or go? Do you want management to be able to easily generate reports on demand? What is your busiest time of day, week or month? Are you properly staffed to handle these traffic fluctuations? Are telephone intensive departments performing as they should? Would simple, At-A-Glance reporting assist in managing telephone intensive groups? Would tagging incoming or outgoing calls with a code for more specific tracking of call types or for client billing provide enhanced productivity? Do you have enough or to few phone lines? How many calls come in on specific lines (like tech. support, or 800 numbers) every day, week or month? Have you looked at Call Accounting in the past but decided that it was too expensive?

Telecommunications costs are a significant chunk of your budget. With a powerful management tool like Revolution Software Call Accounting, you can get a handle on these expenses and improve your understanding of how your telephone system is being utilized.