Other charges and credits appears on your invoice when you have a pro-rated fee, one-time fee and/or credit.

Our invoices are billed one month in advance; therefore any new charges are billed from the day the service started through to the end of the current month and then all of the next month.
The best way to breakdown the invoice is to look at the “other charges and credits” to see the pro-rated amount and pay attention to the date range under the “monthly service” header

The first page of you bill at the bottom right shows that the total needs to be paid by the 8th of the month (See example below). If payment is not received by this date, that means we cannot apply it to the outstanding balance by the next invoice.

Absolutely not! Once an invoice is produced, that is what your invoice will look like. If we identify an issue, it will be rectified by the next month billing cycle.

Our billing system has 2 categories, Internet Services and Landline Services. We use landline services as a general category to identify phone services.

All monthly invoices will be emailed by the 15th of the month. We cannot produce these invoices early; all invoices are generated at the same time.

Your account number is located at the top right of each page of your invoice.

Your invoice number is located at the top right of each page of your invoice.