How to Add Licenses to Avaya IP Office

To add licenses to the configuration in Avaya IP office:

First open IP Office by click on Start -> All programs -> IP Office -> Manager. When the manager application opens, it automatically looks around your network for available IP offices. Select the IP office you wish to change and then click “Ok”. The default username and password for IP office is “Administrator” and “Administrator”. If the secure communication warning comes up, click “Ok”.

  • The preference is to have all 3 panes open. So open the tool bar
    if you don’t have all 3 panes open, click on the “show group pane”
  • Select Licenses on the left hand side of manager.
  • A: In pre-9.0 versions of Manager, the licenses that you currently have populate the middle pane. In the middle pane, right-click, and select New. The right pane appears with an empty license.
  • B: In 9.0 & 9.1 Manager, a license tab appears in the far right pane. Click the Add button, and choose the ADI radio button. Click OK.
  • C: In 10.0 Manager, a license tab appears in the far right pane. Click the Add button, and choose the xml license file. Click OK.
  • Go to the license spreadsheet that you received from Digitcom.
  • From the “All Keys” tab of the Excel spreadsheet, copy the entire encrypted string from column titled “Encrypted Key.” Go back to your open Manager window, and paste the string into the empty License Key field. Click OK to confirm the license entry to the licenses table.
  • If you need to enter more than one license, you will need to repeat this process for each individual license.
  • Click “Ok” in any sub-window that open and then click on the floppy disk “Save” icon to save changes.
  • When ask “Configuration Reboot Mode”, you should notice that
    “Merge” is selected, click on”Ok”. Service username is “Administrator”,
    and that’s also the password. Feel free to copy and paste it, and click
    “Ok”. Your modification is now been made.
  • To validate your license, re-open the configuration from the IP Office using the process defined in step 1.
  • Select Licenses on the left hand side.
  • You should be able to identify your new license by description. Check to see that it’s status is “Valid.” If it is not Valid, than something was not copied and pasted correctly, or the license is not a match for your system. Please contact support for assistance if this is the case.