Setting up Avaya IP Office One-X Mobile for IOS and Android

Step 1: IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to get Avaya One-X Mobile working you need to have Avaya One-X Portal properly setup. If you need instructions on the One-X Portal set-up please click this link

Step 2: If you already have One-X Portal setup then follow the steps below:

Step 3: *** Please test & verify the port forwarding internally/externally prior to calling Digitcom for further setup.

Step 4: *** Once you have tested the port forwarding please share your results with Digitcom: email: techsupport@ For testing you can use the following link:

Step 5: Setup One-X Mobile on the Handheld:

One-X Mobile Settings (Smartphone):

  • Server Name: Enter One-X FQDN or the ip address
  • Username: Enter username setup under the user tab > name field in IP Office Manager
  • Password: Enter password setup under the user tab > password & confirm password field in IP Office Manager
  • Enable voip mode: Go under settings > voip mode > select always
  • Disable secure connection by going under advanced voip if you don’t have a CA certificate on the One-X portal server