Upgrading your phone system to Avaya IP Office Release 8.1 or 9

If you are considering upgrading your phone system software to Avaya IP Office R8, R8.1, or R9, there are a few things you should consider prior to the upgrade:

Avaya CCC:

Avaya CCC is an older piece of software that was discontinued in 2008. Nonetheless, if you’re thinking of upgrading your phone system to Avaya IP Office Release 8.1 or 9 and you have the older CCC, please note that this software is no longer supported and will break.

Avaya 5410:

[vc_single_image image=”2519″ img_size=”full”]

If you are running the older model 5410 phones, these phones might break if migrating to R6.1 or 7. Most of the 5410 issues have been sorted out in R8.1 and R9, but, please let us know so Digitcom can check your phone serial numbers.

Phone Manager Pro

Phone Manager Pro is not supported in R9. NOTE, this application will break. This also include the older Avaya softphone which will no longer work in R9.

Essential Edition License:

If you are upgrading from anything less than release 8, note you will need to add an Essential Edition license to the upgrade. Once your system is on R8 or higher, and you want to do another upgrade, the Essential Edition license upgrade is no longer needed.

Networking License:

Avaya changed the way system networking was done in R6. If you are upgrading from a release prior to R7 then note you will need to order a new networking license.

IP Phones, VCM Modules (if your system was installed prior to 2009 then read below):

Avaya changed the way IP Phones are licensed. Prior to R6.1 there was no fee for an IP phone end point license, Avaya charged for the concurrent VCM channel license. Starting with R6 Avaya changed the way the licensing is done. They now charge for an IP end point license, and no longer charge for VCM channels. If you are upgrading from R6 or earlier to R8 or higher then let Digitcom know. We will need to evaluate if you will have a problem with the IP Phone license. Avaya allows for 12 IP end points for the initial VCM migration, and then 3 seats / VCM channel beyond. It’s a confusing formula, let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure you won’t have a problem.