Creating a new user and extension by copying and pasting an existing user

Description:  Considers which settings need to be modified when copying one user to create another.


Step by Step Guide

Another method of creating a new user is to copy and paste the existing user. The advantage of that is existing user has the settings that you are interested in. To do that:

1. Click on Start -> All programs -> IP Office -> Manager.

2. When the manager opens, it shows you all the Avaya IP Offices on your network. Click on the IP Office that you want to add the user to, then click on “Ok”. Copy and paste the “Administrator” as it is also the password, click “Ok”.

3. On the left hand side, select user, right click on the name of the user that you want to copy, go down “Copy”, right click anywhere in the user pane, then click “Ok”.

4. In the new user, give the new user a name.

5. Determine an extension number that is available within your extension dialing plan, and give him that extension. Now remember, the email address, the voicemail code, any twinning details, any call forwarding details will all belong to the original user, so it’s important to go and change those.

6. If the existing user has a voicemail code, go and delete it.

7. Tab across to the “Mobility” tab, and make sure that if the original user has Mobility set, you reset that for the new user. When you determine that the settings have all been cleared out, click on “Ok”,\

8. Then click on the floppy disk icon, select “Merge” configuration, and copy and paste the “Administrator” then click “Ok”. You have now copied and pasted an existing user.